Metalforming / Lubricants

Torch manufactures a wide range of lubricant products for metalforming applications. Soap and Polymer based lubricants for cold forming, heading & wire drawing as well as a complete line of machining and grinding products. From light duty to heavy duty, ferrous & non-ferrous metals, we can provide a proven product to meet your forming needs.

cold forming lubricant
stamping and drawing

Cold Forming Lubricants

Soap Lube/Loc Lube: A product line of reactive and non-reactive stearate soaps for superior metal extrusion lubricity. Typically used in conjunction with our Micron or TCJ line of zinc phosphates.

  • Extended Bath Life
  • Light to heavy films as required
  • Fast Melting
  • Low Use Cost
  • Withstands the most severe deformations

Poly Lube: Our Poly Lube products are formulated to provide lubricity in applications where soap coatings are not effective or practical. Poly Lube products impart a high lubricity, dry film coating on metal or phosphated surfaces.

  • Lower temps and reduced processing cost
  • Reduced Waste
  • Low residues
  • Effective for cold forming and metal drawing
  • Provides Corrosion Resistance

Wire Coat: Wire drawing soaps, dry powders, greases and pastes for steel & stainless steel.

  • Variety of Melt Points
  • Increased Drawing Speeds
  • Increased Die Life
  • Reduced consumption
  • Ease of Cleaning

Stamping & Drawing

Aqua Lube: Synthetic, water based drawing and stamping lubricant for ferrous and non ferrous metals.

  • Excellent Shear Lubrication
  • Superior Rust Protection
  • Water Washable
  • Weldable
  • Free of chlorine, phosphates and sulfur
  • Hard or soft water stable


Syn Cool: Synthetic heavy duty metalworking fluid for ferrous and non ferrous metals. An excellent choice for cutting, grinding, tapping and drilling.

  • Resistant to bacterial growth
  • Provides bight surface finish
  • Extended tool life
  • Excellent rust and stain protection
  • Free of chlorine, nitrites, DEA

Pro Cut: Semi-synthetic cutting and grinding fluids for steel, cast iron, stainless, aluminum, copper and brass. Provides maximum cooling where higher temperatures are encountered in cutting and grinding operations.

  • Stable Micro Emulsion
  • Excellent Corrosion protection
  • Extended tool life
  • Free of chlorine, nitrites, phenols
  • Multi metal safe